Children of the Intifada: Gaza through poetry and drawings

Monday, May 15th, 2017 - 7:00 pm

Children of the Intifada: Gaza through poetry and drawings.


For thirty years, author and artist Heather Spears has felt drawn to Gaza and Israel, and to the need to witness to the lives of children in crisis.


On Monday 15 May, 2017 at 7 pm, she will show a CD of her drawings from the Intifada, and read from her poetry, reflections on the years since then. She will conclude with current information about life in Gaza City, based on the longtime friendship between Heather and her adopted family in Gaza City.


The stop-over in Peterborough is thanks to her friends in the Quaker community here, who are co-supporters of the Gazan family of Mahmoud Khalid.


The event will take place at Sadleir House, 751 George St. N. This is a free event, with refreshments served; however, donations are accepted. Palestinian Zatoun olive oil and Za'atar herb-packets will be available for purchase, in support of Palestinian farmers.

Residing in Copenhagen, Heather Spears is en route to annual readings in Toronto and on the west coast. She has toured this show in Canada and the US, also widely in Europe and at the UN. A Canadian poet, she has won the Pat Lowther award three times, the CBC Literary Award and the Governor-General's Award.


Dr. Jonathan Fine, a director of Physicians for Human Rights, has called Spears drawings a moving contribution to understanding the suffering of Palestinians under occupation, an instance where drawings and sparse commentary have power transcending almost any other kind of communication.


Heather will also present at the Spill on George St. the following evening, April 16, 7 p.m., where she will read from her Sci-Fi novels. That is part of the ChiSeries, with local writers Nathan Adler and Ursula Pflug.

For further information:  or call Margaret Slavin (705) 749-1544

Sadleir House, 751 George St. N.
(705) 749-1544