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PCAP – Peterborough Coalition Against Poverty
The Peterborough Coalition Against Poverty is a group dedicated to political struggle against an economic system that maintains and profits from the inequality, indignity, and needless suffering of poverty.  PCAP fights acts of oppression which hurt low-income people by organizing direct actions, education of the community, and advocacy to support and protect low income persons or groups who are being oppressed.  PCAP is a member of the Ontario Common Front.

CorpWatch: Holding Corporations Accountable

Global Response (international letter campaign organizer)

Taking IT Global and Global Youth Action Network

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Alternative Media

Adbusters Culture Jammers


Common Dreams
Common Dreams offers a mix of “politics, issues and breaking news with an emphasis on progressive perspectives”. This American non-profit citizens' organization collects a selection of stories and views from both alternative and mainstream media sources.

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Global Education


Peterborough Organizations/Groups

Peterborough LETS – Local Economic Trading System
Peterborough LETS is a local barter system where goods and services are traded for green dollars.  Green dollars are then used to buy goods and services.  There are now more than 40 LETS systems across Canada.  The LETS system is managed by a volunteer board made up of members.  There are many active volunteers; their energy and support is vital to the success of the system.

Jamaican Self-Help
Jamaican Self-Help is a non-governmental organization based in Peterborough, Ontario.  JSH works in partnership with organizations in Jamaica, and with Canadians, to promote solidarity and the development of Jamaican communities.  JSH works to provide self-sustaining programs such as literacy, skills training, agricultural training, community development, health care and sanitation and institutional strengthening. 

Peterborough Green-Up
Peterborough Green-up seeks to provide education, services, resources, and support to enable citizens to take up environmentally healthy lifestyle habits.  Their comprehensive approach includes such areas as waste reduction, water quality, water conservation, energy conservation, landscape enhancement, air quality improvements, active and alternative transportation and climate change awareness.

Kawartha Ploughshares 
Kawartha Ploughshares works to promote peace through education and advocacy, publications, and research and analysis of militarism. Recent areas of interest have included the abolition of landmines and campaigning against nuclear weapons.

Development and Peace Peterborough
Development and Peace Peterborough provides financial assistance to programs that work to improve the quality of life for communities in the less-industrialised world. The organisation is also involved in various education and lobbying campaigns.

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Ontario Groups

Ontario Public Interest Research Group (click on Peterborough)
Ontario Public Interest Research Group is comprised of a “network of university student-funded and directed organisations” that engage in “research, education, and action on social and environmental justice issues”.

Leaders Today
Leaders Today encourages young people to become active in their communities and in the global community by providing leadership education and overseas volunteer experiences.

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Volunteer Sending Agencies

Aga Khan Foundation Canada (AKFC) (Africa, Asia)
Aga Khan Foundation Canada seeks to improve the quality of education and health care in less-industrialised nations and to increase rural incomes. As part of their programme, the AKFC offers youth specialized training in development management and microentreprise and microfinance.

Canadian Centre for International Studies and Cooperation (CECI) (Africa, Central America, Andes, Haiti, Asia, the Balkans)

Canadian Centre for International Studies and Cooperation assists communities in less-industrialised countries to strengthen their capacity for development by providing professional volunteers in a specific field.

Canadian Crossroads International (Bolivia, Botswana, Burkina Faso, Ghana, Guatemala, India, Indonesia, Ivory Coast, Kenya, Mali, Mexico, Nepal, Niger, St. Vincent, Senegal, Suriname, Togo)

Canadian Crossroads International supports exchanges from North to South and South to North with the intention of sharing knowledge and building capacities. Projects focus on community needs such as health, education, social services, economic development and natural resources.

Canada World Youth (Canada, Africa, Asia, Latin America, the Caribbean, or Central and Eastern Europe)
Canada World Youth organises international education programs for Canadian youth focusing on community involvement. The majority of programs offer a phase in Canada and one in another country. CWY also offers internships that are exclusively overseas, and assistance to groups of youth who are interested in organizing their own short-term overseas experience.

CUSO enables skilled Canadian professionals to donate technical and professional support to partner organisations in less industrialised countries. Placements last up to two years and cover a broad range of issues, from human rights to the environment.

Doctors Without Borders
Doctors Without Boarders is an independent international medical relief organization that provides emergency care in areas where there is no medical infrastructure, or where the “existing structure cannot withstand the pressure to which it is subjected.” The organisation looks for medical and non-medical volunteers, as well as project co-coordinators.

World University Service of Canada (WUSC)
World University Service of Canada provides international work opportunities to both professionals and students.

Youth Challenge International (Costa Rica, Guyana, Australia, Canada)
Youth Challenge International encourages youth to gain international experience by providing a community development program, a leadership practicum and a discovery program in a South American setting.

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National Groups

Amnesty International Canada
Amnesty International Canada is an independent and democratically run organization.  The work of Amnesty International is based on their mission to protect the human rights of all people everywhere through global action.  Amnesty International Canada works to protect human rights in their own country but their approach not blind to the affect or involvement of other countries and does not focus on a single country.  Their aim is the protection of human rights as an international and not only a national responsibility.

The Council of Canadians
The Council of Canadians is Canada’s largest citizens’ organization with members in chapters across the country.  They work to protect Canadian independence by promoting progressive policies on fair trade, clean water, energy security, public health care, and other issues of social and economic concern to Canadians.  They organize speaking tours, days of action, conferences and demonstrations.  They produces research reports, create popular materials, and work with individuals and organizations across the country and the world.

Green Communities Canada
Green Communities Canada is a national network of community-based non-profit organizations delivering innovative environmental programs and services with a focus on household and community action.  Green Communities Canada works with and supports other member organizations to achieve environmental sustainability including healthy ecosystems and communities, sustainable resource use, and clean air, water and soil.

KAIROS unites churches and religious organizations in a faithful ecumenical response to the call to “do justice, and to love kindness and to walk humbly with your God” (Micah 6:8).  KAIROS deliberates on issues of common concern, advocates for social change and joins with people in faith and goodwill in action for social transformation.

Development and Peace
Development and Peace is an official international development organization of the Catholic Church in Canada and the Canadian member of Cartas Internationalis.  It is a membership-based organization to fight poverty in the countries of the South and to promote greater international justice.  Development and Peace is inspired by the gospel to support initiatives by people in the global South to take control of their lives and to educate Canadians about North-South issues while promoting advocacy and fund-raising.

YouCAN! assists youth in exploring various methods of conflict resolution and violence prevention through training workshops, forums and national conferences. Run for-youth-by-youth, YouCAN! offers a unique perspective and approach to peace building skills.

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International Groups

Friends of Honduran Children
Friends of Honduran Children is a thriving non-profit, grassroots organization helping children from the devastating effects of poverty.  Based out of Peterborough Ontario, the organization works towards developing sustainable programs as well as providing necessary aid, supplies, and skills that encourage Hondurans to help themselves as they strive to obtain self-sufficiency and personal fullfillment.

Maquila Solidarity Network
The Maquila Solidarity Network is a labour and women’s rights advocacy organization promoting solidarity with grassroots groups in Mexico, Central America, and Asia.  The network works to improve conditions in Maquiladora factories and export processing zones by supporting garment workers’ efforts to improve working conditions through policy advocacy, corporate campaigning and engagement, participating in multi-stakeholder initiatives to promote corporate accountability, and local labour rights capacity building.

Global Youth Service Days International Campaign
Global Youth Services Days International Campaign offers resources for participation in Global Youth Service Day, an annual global event that celebrates, recognises, and mobilizes the year-round contributions of young people to their communities through voluntary service.

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Government Sites

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Careers in International Development

Charity Village

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Studying International Development

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Links to Organizations at Trent University

TCSA – Trent Central Student Association
The Trent Central Student Association is the students’ union that represents full-time undergraduate students and consecutive teacher education students at Trent University studying in Peterborough.  The TCSA works to supplement its members’ education through essential academic, political and social support and opportunities. The Association works with the College Cabinets, the Julian Blackburn Students’ Association, the Graduate Student Association as well as clubs, groups and student societies on campus.

Centre for Gender and Social Justice
The Centre for Gender and Social Justice (formerly the Trent Women's Centre) is a community of Trent University students,Peterborough residents, and Trent faculty that are dedicated to facilitating a politics of resistance. You do not have to be a Trent student to organize or participate in Centre events. The Centre is interested in creating and reclaiming spaces within the Peterborough and Trent communities for those who have been marginalizedexcluded, and underprivileged. This means we believe in actively fighting for, creating, and maintaining space where we can feel safe enough to express ourselves as individuals and communities.

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Youth Volunteerism

Volunteer Canada
Volunteer Canada enhances and promotes volunteerism in Canada by offering general information on facts and trends in volunteerism, posting national events related to volunteering, and providing a directory of organisations who receive volunteers.

Volunteer Opportunities in Peterborough
Volunteer Opportunities in Peterborough facilitates community service involvement in the Peterborough area through its searchable database of community services, links to volunteer opportunities, and general information about community planning and co-ordination.

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