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Kawartha World Issue Centre Community Summit on inclusive spaces for youth

Steve Guthrie

The survey was conducted on behalf of Kawartha World Issues Centre and KWIC Seeds of Justice youth program. It  first identified the situations some youth face in the community.

Clip Rachelia Giardino

“For some it’s that’s there’s systemic barriers: they’re experiencing racisim, sexism, homophobia, and just a general feeling of unwelcomeness, sometimes it can be financial barriers that aren’t addressed to make that space accessible  just in terms of being able to get to a program”

One problem that exists around creating space and programs  for youth is a tendency to not include them in the planning process which results in programming they don’t feel engaged with.

clip Tonya-Leah Watts

“The average number of students each time was two or three it started with  a few more, five or six but went down to two or three. Either youth didn’t know about or just weren’t that interested in it. And I think a lot of programs would really benefit from doing research and finding out what youth really want and want to do. And what youth need to feel included in these spaces.”

Clip Carlo Jose

“More of like an on-going conversation.  It’s like be with the youth, like, make connections with them. It’s not just about  like i need this and the problem goes away ‘

The Kawartha World Issues Centre is a non-profit charitable global education and resource centre serving Peterborough and the Kawarthas.”

Steve Guthrie, CHEX Newswatch, Peterborough