KWIC Staff

KWIC Staff

Julie Cosgrove, Executive Director

Julie joined KWIC in 2003 as an exciting opportunity to integrate international and Canadian experience with a new life in Nogojiwanong, Peterborough. Her journey has included studying and working in different parts of Canada, as well as Grenada, West Indies, Nunavut and Cairo, Egypt. Along the way, she has worked in project management, formal and community-based education programs, including adult literacy, education programs for children living with disabilities, teacher training and programming for an education program designed for refugee families living in Cairo, as well collaboratively creating community crisis support systems (for HIV/AIDS and post traumatic stress). 

She enjoys the magic that happens when inspired, passionate people gather for social change, loves the amazing food and conversations that are so integral to KWIC's work, the Raging Grannies, parenting and short fiction.  Julie completed her Honours B.A. at Waterloo University (Co-op Program), a Bachelor of Education at York University, and a Community-based International Development Program, specializing in Participatory Approaches at the COADY International Institute (St. Xavier University) in Nova Scotia. She is a member of the Partnership Brokers Alumni Association (UK) and a volunteer mediator with Peterborough Community Mediation.

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Rachelia Giardino, SEEDS for Justice Youth Program Coordinator

Rachelia graduated from Trent University with a BA Honours Degree in History. While history is one of her passions, so too is youth engagement, and she has over eight years experience working with youth. She is excited to be leading the Seeds for Justice Facilitator's Collective and youth program to engage her creative and social justice side!  In her spare time, Rachelia loves reading, drinking tea and playing with her two pugs. 

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Callum Faulds, SEEDS for Justice Facilitator

Callum is a fourth year student studying International Development Studies at Trent. Before this position, he volunteered for two years with the Seeds for Justice program at KWIC, gaining skills as a workshop facilitator and helping create youth opportunities for learning and discussion. He spent the past four summers as a summer camp staff, gaining experience in youth programming. He is passionate about learning from multiple disciplines, particularly around social issues and themes like inequality. In his spare time he enjoys playing and reflecting in natural areas.

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Annette Pedlar, Communications & Outreach Coordinator

Annette is a fourth year student taking Politics and Indigenous studies at Trent. Before working with KWIC, Annette was on the Board of OPIRG and the Queer Comissioner for the Trent Central Student Association. She presently serves as one of the Co-Presidents of Traill College Cabinet and is committed to strengthening the relationship between Trent and the greater Nogojiwanong/Peterborough community.  In her spare time Annette enjoys playing volleyball.

Victoria Kacer

Victoria Kacer,Trent OXFAM Coordinator

Victoria is currently in her second year of the Environmental Science/Studies program at Trent. She is extremely passionate about sustainability and environmental protection and education, especially in relation to issues of animal agriculture and water resources. She is excited to be working as the Coordinator of the Trent Oxfam Working Group which focuses on local connections to issues of food, gender, and climate change. She is excited to have the opportunity to rebuild the group from the ground up and allow her fellow students to work on issues they are passionate about in the community.

Amber Pitawankawat, Resource Centre 

Amber Pitawankawat is a fourth year Indigenous Environmental Science student. She is the volunteer and resource coordinator here at KWIC. She is passionate about the environment and water issues, especially those pertaining to Indigenous communities. When Amber has free time she enjoys reading, taking walks in the nature area with her dog.


Se Keone, Finance Manager