The KWIC World Issues Café: International Women's Day Presentation

March 8, 2011


Glam Aid: 'Celantrocapitalism', Gender, and Compassionate Consumption with Dr. Colleen O’Manique, Chair of Gender and Women’s Studies and Associate Professor of Political Studies, Trent University. 


Tuesday, March 8th, 5:30-7pm in the Junior Common Room, Scott House, Traill College (310 London Street).


"BONO's (Product) RED is just one expression of the growing power of the celebrity-capitalist alliance to shape global justice and citizenship.  A visual presentation will be used to generate discussion of the gender dimensions of the RED business model for 'solving' HIV/AIDS in Africa. The critical questions: can we have our capitalist cake and eat it too? What is justice in this model? What is citizenship? Who lives, who dies, and who decides? And....where are the women?"


Real café coffee and child friendly space. Free with donations accepted for KWIC.  

More info at or 748-1680.