Law and Policy in the Anthropocene: 'Fractured Land' as Advocacy 2.0

Don't miss the new installment in our World Issues Cafe series featuring Caleb Behn

Date: Saturday, Jan 30th, 2016 

Time: 7:30 pm

Location: ShowPlace Peterborough (290 George Street North)

Caleb is a Eh-Cho Dene ("EHH CHO DE-NEH) and Dunne-Za (DUNN-NAY ZAA) lawyer from Treaty #8 territory in Northeastern BC, working for the West Moberly First Nations as Director of the Lands department. He is also the Executive Director of the Keepers Of The Water Society - and the subject of the documentary film, Fractured Land (Fiona Rayher; Damien Gillis, 2015 (78mins). The film will be screened as the Saturday night feature film at ReFrame Film festival. Caleb will speak following the documentary screening.

Caleb's talk, Law and Policy in the Anthropocene: "Fractured Land" as Advocacy 2.0 will explore the interface between indigenous law and environmental law with a focus on unconventional energy in Canada, and  specifically address the background to the film, Fractured Land, and why the film was necessary to Caleb's work in North Eastern BC, and how it inter-relates with larger energy issues in the anthropocene. 


Admission is with a ReFrame Film Festival Pass.

Doors open early.