Leap Into Action Meeting

Wednesday, Jun 22nd, 2016 - 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm

Leap into Action: Are you ready?



  • (5 minutes) Introduction
  • (10 minutes) Small group discussions to answer the question: "What excites you about Glenn Murray's Ontario Climate Change Action Plan?" Prepare for this question by reading details of the plan here or the Globe and Mail's summary here.
  • (90 minutes) Workshops will work on their activities
  • (10 minutes) Small group discussions answering the question "What ideas will you bring to Maryam Monsef's Climate Change Town Hall on June 25th?"
  • (5 minutes) Closing announcements. 

Save Peterborough Distribution Inc.

The Save PDI Coalition announced at the May Leap Meeting and intended to unite the efforts of various groups promised at the May meeting has made great progress. They will continue to lead the charge to oppose the proposed sale of PDI to Hydro One.

Agriculture Workshop

We are aiming to refurbish the agriculture workshop and are looking for people who are interested in working together as a group and as part of the bigger picture. You can join Linda & Tina under the Agriculture-Food sign.


We have commissioned a banner particularly for use in the Canada Day Parade, but it will get other uses I am sure. We hope to show it at the meeting. 

Trinity United Church (360 Reid Street)