Reteaching Gender and Sexuality - A youth workshop

March 8, 2012

Reteaching gender & sexuality! Building solidarity across borders and binaries

a youth workshop

With growing mainstream headlines reporting on the tragic deaths of many queer youth, reteaching gender & sexuality provides an unique call to action. What if instead of blaming individual "bullies", we focus on dismantling a culture that promotes violence and isolation? Members of this innovative, intergenerational group - Reteaching Gender and Sexuality - bring fresh perspectives that shift the conversation toward visibility, intersecting identities, liberating spaces, institutional accountability, and building solidarity across borders and binaries. 

When: March 8th 2012. 3:15-5:00pm

Where: Kawartha Endodontics– 425 Water Street

Who: Hosted by Selma Al-Aswad and Sid Jordan of PUT THIS ON THE {Map} Documentary Group

Cost: Free

Refreshments Provided