Storyweaving Workshop with Muriel Miguel

Thursday, Mar 8th, 2018 - 1:00 pm

Join acclaimed director, Muriel Miguel of Spiderwoman Theater to investigate the unique process that Spiderwoman Theater uses to create their plays and productions. This technique is called storyweaving. The word storyweaving describes the layering and weaving of stories and parts of stories, images, sound, movement, dance and music, creating a three dimensional tapestry, embodied in space, which becomes the performance and production. This approach to creating a performance arises out of an Indigenous aesthetic, a deeply cultural place where the elements of cultural life are always an integral part of the whole. Ms. Miguel will introduce exercises which are designed to build an ensemble, the cornerstone of storyweaving. The exercises break down barriers and build self confidence. Laban technique, a method of breaking down movement to describe physicality, will be used to understand the physical space and allow your inner eye to visualize what is inside the body. You will learn how to embody this, through movement, gesture, sound and breath and how to reproduce a sound that you hear in your head, how to express words and phrases in different ways and how to understand those words and phrases in your body. You get to tell your own stories. They can be traditional stories, personal stories or myths. Incorporating the exercises that have been learned in the workshop, you will collectively create a presentation of each story. If time allows, a short presentation will then be created from all the stories and will be presented in the workshop setting.

The workshop space should have a hardwood or linoleum floor and be large enough for everyone to lie down. Each person should bring a yoga mat or a towel to lie on. There should be 1 table and enough chairs for everyone to sit in.

To reserve a spot, please email

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