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]Commencing in the aftermath of the May 2022 derecho storm, Stump Stories aims to hold space for the ecological grief experienced by Nogojiwanong/Peterborough community members. Defined as the mourning that occurs when we lose parts of the natural world, ecological grief is just one-way climate change is increasingly impacting global mental health (Cunsolo and Ellis, 2018). By inviting personal sharing and reflection on the role of trees in our environment, we hope to destigmatize grief in general and promote collective responses to healing. 

A photo of a tree stump beside a sidewalk with a red brick house in the background.

A lost tree in Peterborough/Nogojiwanong.  Found and photographed by KWIC's Program and Outreach Coordinator, Ev.  


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Listen to the Stump Stories Segment on the CBC Radio Show, Fresh Air with Jason D'Souza.


Fresh Air with Jason D'Souza

Listen to the Stump Stories Segment here!


Read KWIC's Opinion Piece In the Peterborough Examiner!


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Peterborough Examiner Article


Read the December 15th Collaborative Column with GreenUp!


We are expanding the focus of beyond just ecological grief, to also highlight how climate change and the Derecho storm have exacerbated systemic inequalities. This column explore climate change as it relates to creating and impacting barriers to accessibility. 


A Stump Stories Volume entitled "Barriers to Accessibility" will be released shortly but for now you can read the column in the Peterborough Examiner here!


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