Syrian Refugees Need Help, and Here's What You Can Do

What You Can Do To Help Syrian Refugees

With the Liberal Government's commitment to resettle 25000 refugees in Canada, you may be finding yourself thinking about what you can do to help. Check back regularly with this page for news, events and other resources that shed some light on this situation.

November 23, 2015


In the wake of violent events in Paris, Beirut and elsewhere last week, we're hearing an upsurge in xenophobic comments and calls for a stop to the resettlement of 25,000 Syrian refugees in Canada. To counter these voices, we invite you to sign and share this petition in favour of staying the course on plans for refugee resettlement and calling for a warm welcome for refugees in Canada: YES to Syrian Refugees in Canada

Closer to home

In response to the latest incident at the Masjid Al-Salaam Mosque, the New Canadians Centre and the Peterborough Immigration Partnership are publicly condemning the incident and standing in solidarity with the members of the local Muslim community. The Peterborough Immigration Partnership released a media statement was widely shared with the media representatives and the general public via our communication tools. (attached) 
Please continue to help strengthen our vision of building a welcoming and inclusive community. 

News Articles

Government updates

Although there are still no details on exactly how the government will bring the 25,000 Syrian refugees to Canada, there are some indications as outlined in the following Maclean's article: 

Aid agency document reveals Liberals’ refugee plan

Numerous new workshops on understanding, supporting and welcoming refugees in Canada (special focus on Syrian refugees) are available from (see attached) 
The webinar: Is there a refugee crisis in Europe, or just a crisis in the lack of refugee protection? by Dr Cathryn Costello and Professor Guy Goodwin-Gill was recorded live by the Oxford Human Rights Hub ( and is now archived and available for you to view here.   For those interested in learning more on refugees, aslyum-seekers, the EU and the UNHCR, Dr Cathryn Costello and Professor Guy Goodwin-Gill have prepared a list of further readings.


November 16, 2015

Reminder - Settlement Plan Workshops at the New Canadians Centre

The two Friday workshops (one from 10am-12pm and one  from 1:30-3:30) are full but if your group is not represented or has only one person attending, let me know and we will make space.
Another session is scheduled in Cobourg for Monday, November 23 from 10am-12pm in the boardroom of the United Way at 600 William Street.  To register, please contact Luz Ofelia Maya at our Cobourg office: (905) 377-8100 or
Ways to Stay Connected
In addition to our weekly email list for those interested in refugee resettlement, the New Canadians Centre will be creating a separate section on our website with information and resources on refugee resettlement.  There will be information for sponsorship groups and also for those wanting to donate or get involved.  There are also two community initiatives below to help groups stay connected.  I will be using both sites in order to get information to as many people as possible.
  • Charlotte Forstner has created a Facebook Group called “Peterborough Refugee Sponsorship Network”  to serve as a forum for collaboration between groups tackling common obstacles to settlement.  Please check it out. 
  • Cam Douglas is putting together a Google group for sponsorship groups to communicate with more ease.   More information on how to join later.
New Resources
  • Information on Syrian refugees, free posters and graphics for groups to use in fundraising events:
  • The University of Ottawa has created a program that will provide free legal advice to those working on sponsorship.  It's expected to be rolled out across the country very soon: Details HERE
  • This is the website that UNHCR uses as the main search engine for reports, reference etc. Particularly useful is the Country of Origin Information:  
New Event - 2015 Canada Donor Conference on “Resettling Syrian Refugees”
Humanity First is organizing this conference to bring various stakeholders and interested groups to share knowledge and develop partnerships that would benefit the sponsorship and resettlement process.  All proceeds from this event will be used for resettlement of Syrian refugees.
The conference will have following themes:
  • Sponsorship Process and Challenges
  • Resettlement Process and Challenges
  • Canada’s Role in Refugee Resettlement
  • Canadian Donors and Sponsors Engagement

Date:               Friday, November 20, 2015
Venue:            Woodbine Banquet & Convention Centre 
                        (30 Vice Regent Blvd., Toronto, ON)
Time:              5:30pm (Registration)
Tickets:          $100 per person / $1000 per table of 10

Please note that the Pre-Conference Workshops will start at 3:00pm. Please register online for Pre-Conference separately  at:

To purchase event tickets, please visit or call 



September 14, 2015

Since 2011, the crisis in Syria has displaced millions of men, women, and children from their homes. This catastrophe looms on, and these Syrian refugees need our help. They need food, water, shelter, and medical  assistance. The graphic below from mercy provides a visual of just how many people being displaced by this terrible crisis.

Now comes the question of "What can I do to help?" The most immediate way to help is to donate. Providing financial aid for Syrian refugees provides these people in need with food, drinking water, medication, and improved shelter. Not sure where to donate to? There are a number of organizations at the local, regional, and national levels that are accepting donations for Syrian Refugees:

If you missed the New Canadians Centre (NCC)'s recent workshop on Refugee Sponsorship, you can find the details on how to sponsor refugees on the Canadian Government's website (click HERE). You can contact the NCC at if you need help understanding the sponsorship process.

Want to learn more about the Syrian Refugee Crisis? Mercy Corps provides a great breakdownHERE.
Also stay tuned with OCIC (Ontario Council for International Cooperation), as " OCIC is in the process of reaching out to the Ontario government to understand their strategy to support groups trying to bring Syrian refugees to Ontario, and to otherwise provide assistance in the Syrian refugee crisis. In the coming few days we will prepare an overview of the current humanitarian efforts of OCIC members to share with them and our general readership". You can visit their website HERE.

Remember; every little bit helps. Thank you for your support in this terrible situation thrust upon so many.