Youth Leadership in Sustainability (YLS)

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Youth Leadership in Sustainability (YLS) is a new and innovative program based in Peterborough, Ontario that will prepare grade 11 and 12 students for leadership roles in local and global sustainability initiatives at the local and global levels.  The one semester program will launch September 2018 and is open to students from any KPR, PVNC, private or home school, provided they can get themselves to Trent University on school days.

YLS represents a partnership program with Kenner Collegiate, Trent University, the Kawartha World Issues Centre (KWIC) and Fleming College. The YLS classroom is on Trent University campus but the program will take us into our forests, communities, and the world!

YLS will be taught as an integrated 4 credit package that will give us much flexibility in our day for extended field trips, outdoor exploration, and even a 2-week study tour to northern Europe! Our learning experiences outside and within the traditional classroom will be rich and incorporate teachings from Indigenous and global perspectives.

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Youth Leadership in Sustainability Program