Acknowledging Canada's 150th through Stories of Place & Belonging

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Acknowledging Canada's 150th through Stories of Place & Belonging is a youth-led project that explores the interconnectedness of Indigenous, newcomer and settler, non-Indigenous Canadians, specifically in Nogojiwanong (Peterborough) through stories of place, migration and belonging. Using art and stories we will craft & host workshops that illustrate our common histories & humanities with a focus on land, food and water.



Youth Volunteering Opportunities!

 Join a diverse group of youth engaging in cross-cultural dialogue to explore local histories from Indigenous, non-Indigenous, settler & newcomer perspectives  through the creation of workshops.




Are you between the ages of 16-29 and interested in...

youth leadership
learning from others

What if we acknowledged Canada’s 150th by asking ‘what is the true history of this land’? What if we came together to share stories from Indigenous, non-Indigenous, settler and newcomer perspectives and everyone was truly heard? What story would you tell? What if we (re)connected to the water, land and food?

Want to be a part of a learning community that hosts these conversations through workshops and community events? A group of youth (16-29) are hosted our first meeting at Sadleir House on Friday June 2. If you missed it, iot's not too late to get involved! Contact Rachelia at if you are interested in exploring different truths about Canada, and the land and water through cross-cultural dialogue.

What may come from this experience? How about…
* Free training in workshop facilitation, cross-cultural dialogue, cultural competency & more!
* A supportive environment to develop as a youth leader and enhance or learn new skills
* Meeting new people, learning from one another’s stories and building a community together
* An opportunity to be creative and be inspired
* Delicious food & fun
* Spend enough time with us and we can sign off on volunteer hours or write you a glowing reference letter!

For more information please contact Rachelia at

Stories of Place & Belonging in the News!

Link to article in Examiner

The launch of the program in late March was attended by many notable local residences. For more information click below and check out the coverage from the Examiner of the event!

We acknowledge the Government of Canada's support for the "Acknowledging Canada's 150th through Stories of Place & Belonging" project.

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