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"Community development has always been a priority for me. When I transitioned from a buzzing campus-based life to a regular community-based life outside of school, there was a void. KWIC filled that void by re-establishing my connection to the Trent community, but also provided invaluable connection to the innovative and energetic work of the youth and community that are part of KWIC’s work and programs. "
Liana Honsinger – Volunteer, KWIC Board of Director 

KWIC Board Members

Executive Members

Carmella Valles — Board Chairperson
Immigration Consultant

Faith Mwesigye – Vice-Chairperson
Administrative Assistant, Trent University Secretariat

Edward (Ted) Vale, MBA — Treasurer | Chair of the Finance & HR Committee
Retired, Executive Director

Ryan Sisson, M.Sc, EP —  Secretary

Team Lead, Community + Workplace Partnerships

Coordinator, Trent Community-Based Research

Directors - General

Liana Honsinger – Chair of the Program Committee
Refugee Resettlement Coordinator, New Canadians Centre

Dennis Howlett – Chair of the Communications & Fundraising Committee

Retired, NFP Executive Director

Phuong 'Helen' Ly, Director

Trent University Student, undergraduate

Dr. Stephanie Rutherford

Associate Professor, Environment and Resource Studies, Trent University


Samantha Rockbrune — Executive Director


KWIC Standing Committees:

Finance & HR Committee

Ted Vale — Board Treasurer/Committee Chair

Faith Mwesigye, HR Liaison

Carmela Valles, Board Chair

Helen Ly, Director

Ryan Sisson, Director

Sam Rockbrune, Executive Director


Communications & Fundraising Committee

Dennis Howlett — Committee Chair

Carmela Valles, Board Chair

Stephanie Rutherford, Director

Ryan Sisson, Director

Sam Rockbrune, Executive Director


Nominations Committee

Dennis Howlett — Committee Chair

Ted Vale, Director

Faith Mwesigye, Director

Carmela Valles, Board Chair

Ryan Sisson, Director

Sam Rockbrune, Executive Director


Program Committee

Liana Honsinger  — Committee Chair

Marcelino Lopez, Social anthropologist and farmer

Sam Rockbrune, Executive Director

Ev Richardson, KWIC Program and Outreach Coordinator


TEACH Social Justice Certificate Program Committee (2021-2022)

Erin Clancy —TEACH Program Coordinator

Sam Rockbrune, Kawartha World Issues Centre

Karleen Pendleton Jimenez, Trent School for Education and Professional Learning

, Community Race Relations

Maggie Cummings & Kelly King, TRACKS Youth Program

, New Canadians Centre

Shenel Boyce, TEACH Graduate, Trent SE&PL 


(as of September 2022)




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