BIPOC Bounce Back: BIPOC Games Night

-- 06:00 pm ~ 09:00 pm
A background of black, red, yellow, and green with the text "New Program- BIPOC Bounce Back, April to December 2023. Brought to you by Community Race Relations Committee of Peterborough"
The Boardwalk Lounge, 261 George St N, Peterborough, ON

About the Program: The BIPOC Bounce Back program is a monthly event series in partnership with local businesses in the Downtown Peterborough area, that have been identified as authentic allies and that operate with a no-tolerance policy for discrimination, hate or racism.

From April to December 2023, the CRRC will be hosting monthly BIPOC Bounce Back events. Each event will be uniquely themed, hosted at a different local business located in Downtown Peterborough based on the qualifications above, and feature different activities that will foster community building, networking & connection amongst participants, local businesses and community partners.

The program series is open to BIPOC and non-racialized allies. By centering the BIPOC community at these events, our goal is to create intentional spaces for racial inclusivity that:

  • invite racialized peoples to “step up” in spaces that have been predominantly occupied by White-Euro settlers, and simultaneously
  • encourage non-racialized allies to practice “stepping back”, while showing up and sharing the space for BIPOC centering engagement.

About the Event: Join CRRC and community partner, USB Escape, for a night of games and fun at the Boardwalk Cafe! Admission and snacks provided.

Community Race Relations Committee of Peterborough