Dis-Orientation Week 2023

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Dis-Orientation Week 2023 - Rebirth & Disruption: Self-Exploration, Solidarity, & New Imaginaries

Dis-Orientation Week (Dis-O Week) is paramount to our organization’s mission and values. What began as an activist initiative against Trent administration’s attempts to push for a more neoliberalized school, has now become an annual tradition for OPIRG – an emblem of courage, resistance and student activism against the recklessly violent systems of greed, oppression, and destitution.

This year’s theme “REBIRTH AND DISRUPTION: Self-Exploration, Solidarity, and New Imaginaries” revolves around creating awareness of existing systems of oppression and of the individual as the embodiment of unlimited possibility and creative, radical change.  The theme seeks to challenge the ways these systems continue to disempower and dispossess people on various levels by creating celebratory spaces of love and compassion that teach and inspire resistance and resilience. 

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