Kitchen Skills 101

-- 05:00 pm ~ 07:00 pm
Three images in a grid going horizontally, from left to right; a stack of cast iron pans, hand holding a knife chopping various herbs, and two wooden cutting boards overlapping. Olive green header at the top of the grid states, "The Seasoned Spoon presents... Kitchen Skills 101" and a bottom header (same olive green) has the Seasoned Spoon logo on the left, and reads "Featuring Commanda Cast Iron and East City Knife Sharpening."

Feeling like a bit of a dull knife in the kitchen? Cast iron in need of some seasoning? The Seasoned Spoon has got your back with Kitchen Skills 101, an exciting interactive online workshop. While participants are comfortable in their home kitchens, we will have local experts from Commanda Cast Iron and East City Knife Sharpening in our cafe space, video casting live. You will have the opportunity to learn knife holding and care techniques, cast iron maintenance, and wooden cutting board do's and don'ts.

The Seasoned Spoon