Leading Women Speak: What Leadership Means to the Fight for Gender Equality

-- 07:15 pm ~ 08:30 pm

A panel discussion at Trent U with CEO-In-Residence Anita Erskine ’99, Emily Whetung-MacInnes ʼ03, Kristi Honey and Gillian Kunza ’04


Visiting CEO-in-residence Anita Erskine ‘99 will be joined by Kristi Honey, Emily-Whetung-MacInnes ’03 and Gillian Kunza ’04 for a conversation about business, leadership, and what equity, diversion and inclusion looks like for women and racialized women. A Q&A will follow.

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- Anita Erskine ’99 is CEO of Anita Erskine Media, an award-winning communications professional and broadcast journalist who has twice been ranked one of the 100 Most Influential Women in Africa. Anita’s work and leadership have been recognized through numerous awards and honours including the 2017 Radio Host of the Year, 2015 TV Hostess of the year (City People Awards, Nigeria), and 2014 TV Female Entertainment Host of the Year (Radio & TV Personality Awards).

- Kristi Honey is the CAO for the Township of Uxbridge and sits on the Trent University Board of Governors. Kristi has more than 20 years of executive leadership in both the private and public sector, including starting a global consultancy that grew to a multi-million-dollar enterprise, recognized by Microsoft as a top 5% global partner. Kristi is also an active community volunteer supporting causes that promote human rights and environmentalism.

- Gillian Kunza ’04 is CEO of Designed Wealth Management and has nearly 15 years of experience creating policies and procedures for investment dealers and working as an executive, with senior roles in compliance, operations and finance. She is a former member of the IIAC Client Focused Reforms implementation committee. In her most senior role of an Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada firm, Gillian managed a team of 20 people overseeing more than 250 advisors, operating throughout Canada.

- Emily Whetung-MacInnes ’03 is chief emeritus of Curve Lake First Nation, and played a leading role in filing a groundbreaking national class-action lawsuit over clean drinking water in First Nations communities, which resulted in an $8-billion federal settlement. Emily now practices law with LLF Lawyers where she specializes in Indigenous/Aboriginal law and residential real estate as she assists both Indigenous and non-Indigenous clients with purchases, sales and mortgage financing matters.