Mary Smith "Community Engagement and Local Leadership: Learning by Doing"

-- 04:00 pm ~ 05:00 pm
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Image of Mary Smith. Text "Enwayaang: Community Engagement and Local Leadership: Learning by Doing" Online talk

Mary Smith is proof that a passion for grass roots activism and community volunteerism can turn into a long and successful political career. She has been a dedicated community volunteer and municipal politician, serving in positions that have included Lakefield Councillor, Deputy Reeve, Deputy Warden for Peterborough County, and Mayor of Selwyn. She retired in 2018, having never lost an election she ran in, and having served in municipal politics for over 20 years. She received an Honorary Alumni Member Award from the Trent University Alumni Association in January 2021. Mary has three grown children and lives in Lakefield with her husband Al.  She has great advice for students who have an interest in being change-makers. Start small. Get engaged. And these steps can lead to a long career in community service and leadership.

Online talk (Zoom), 4:00 pm - 5:00 pm

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