Nibi Waboo: An Anishinaabekwe's Perspective of Water

-- 03:00 pm ~ 04:00 pm
Nibi Waboo: An Anishinaabekwe's Perspective of Water
Champlain College M2 (Council Chambers) - Trent University

Barbara Wall Moktthewenkwe, Assistant Professor and Director of Studies, Indigenous Studies PhD Program, Trent University

Friday, February 9th, 3:00 pm, Champlain College M2 (Council Chambers)

Dr Barbara Moktthewenkwe Wall is a mixed-ancestry Bodwewaadmii Anishinaabekwe and enrolled member of the federally-recognized Citizen Potawatomi Nation in Shawnee, Oklahoma. As a traditional knowledge holder and committed learner of Anishinaabemowin, she works to incorporate her cultural teachings and the language into all aspects of her life. Dr Wall holds a PhD in Indigenous Studies from Trent University, MSc in Civil Engineering for University of California Berkeley, and BSc in Geological Engineering from Michigan Technological University.  

Dr Wall’s research focuses on the collaboration of Indigenous knowledge systems and euro-centric scientific knowledge systems. She teaches courses in the Indigenous Environmental Sciences and Studies Program, including Foundations in Indigenous Environmental Studies and Sciences; Water, Indigenous Knowledges and the Great Lakes; and Introduction to Indigenous Food Systems.  

Beyond academia, Barbara is a mother, auntie, daughter and Grandmother. She is an uninvited guest on Michi Saagii Anishinaabe territory where she enjoys paddling, growing Anishinaabe foods, and turning sweetwater into sugar.

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