Ride 4 The Grandchildren

-- 03:00 pm ~ 05:00 pm
Ride 4 The Grandchildren information poster
Camp Kawartha Environment Center 2505 Pioneer Rd Peterborough, Ontario Canada

On September 30th, 2023, Glen Caradus and Nick Ormond will be riding 280KM non-stop to highlight what preindustrial levels of carbon (280 parts per million) once were like in a stable climate. Backed by Captain Climate, and sponsored by Runner’s Life, they aim to make some serious efforts to reduce our carbon emissions in a single 24 hour push!

Their fundraising campaign will be used to support local actions in Peterborough City and County.

At 3PM upon their arrival at the finish (Camp Kawartha Environment Center), the dynamic duo will freely hand out 280 trees for planting locally! All proceeds fundraised until then will be donated to For Our Grandchildren (4RG).

Donate Here to support our actions.

For Our Grandchildren’