Working Groups

Canadian Mining Awareness

Canadian Mining Awareness is a working group of KWIC and was formed in April 2010 by three members of the Trent and Peterborough community, who wanted to inquire about the different implications of mining practices in Canada and abroad. 

CMA works to promote discussion of the social and environmental impacts of the mining industry and we advocate for the rights of sovereign nations and indigenous peoples around the world in their efforts to protect their land and their livelihoods from harmful mining practices. We hold in the strongest regard that Canadian mining corporations should not violate human and environmental rights in the exploration and extraction processes. CMA members stand in solidarity with people negatively impacted by the Canadian mining corporations and work to make their stories known here in the local community. 

CMA focuses on public education about the mining industry, fundraising to support causes in which efforts are made to hold mining corporations accountable, as well as involvement in grassroots efforts to organize community action for responsible mining practices. CMA collaborates with people and organizations who are working locally and globally to demand more equitable mining regulations. 

In May 2010, CMA joined with OPIRG-Peterborough to become an active working group. CMA members meet regularly to discuss and plan activities related to our mandate and our meetings are always open to new members! 

For more information, please contact us at:, or check out our Facebook page here .

Seeds for Justice
Are you interested and passionate about youth empowerment? Are you looking for new ways to expand and apply your knowledge of social and environmental issues? Are you an artist or a storyteller, a musician or an actor, who wants to find outlets for creative expression? Well, Seeds for Justice is looking for volunteers! A project of Kawartha World Issues Centre, Seeds for Justice is a youth engagement program that brings university and high school students together to participate in workshops, using visual and performing arts to explore issues of social and environmental justice. SFJ hosts monthly events that take a creative approach to critical dialogue, using theatre, dance, music, drawing and painting, mixed media production and teambuilding activities to explore the relationship we have with each other and our environment. Using a popular education framework, each workshop is designed to allow participants to learn from one another in a space while also assuring that participants leave with concrete ideas for action. 

For more information, please contact us at

Global Youth Day Working Group 
Every year KWIC hosts Global Youth Day (GYD), an interactive youth-led youth conference held downtown Peterborough. GYD is held at the same time as Global Youth Service Days, an internationally designated week of activities celebrating youth volunteerism world-wide. GYD brings together workshops and activities on a different theme every year. Each year the conference is organized by a working group made up of 10-20 youth from different schools across Peterborough.

If you are interested in joining the working group and planning this year’s conference, or just want more information, please contact: