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Current Workshops Available: 

KWIC currently offers a free, virtual, interactive workshop series for schools on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) with a focus on youth engagement. These workshops were developed out of a partnership project with GreenUP to prioritize Indigenous Leadership in our goals to leave no one behind in our local work. This workshop is based on the project, Advancing the SDGs in Nogojiwanong/Peterborough.  Community workshops are available on a sliding scale fee. 

The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development sets the vision for global action towards achieving a more sustainable future for people and the planet. The 17 SDGs provide accessible entry points for youth to imagine and participate in the creation of a more socially and environmentally just world, and how we must begin with our local communities.

List of current workshop offerings:

1. Introduction to the UN Sustainable Development Goals

2. Localizing the SDGs: From Global Goals to Local Action

3. The 2030 Agenda: Youth as Agents of Change

4. The 2030 Agenda: Leaving No One Behind

Workshop Fees: KWIC strives to provide accessible options for our community through a sliding scale, and typically cost between $125- 200 per workshop, with bulk rates for multiple bookings.

For more information, please contact: for questions, curriculum links and bookings.

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Coming soon in Jan 2022 and free for the first 20 in-school workshops!

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"These (youth leadership) workshops helped support our student government at a crucial time as they undertook a significant reorganization of their structure. The workshops helped them define their objectives, develop strategies for inclusion, and nurture skills in interpersonal communication and public speaking. These workshops have our strongest recommendation.

Peter Mullins, Teacher - Kenner CVI

"Rachelia and her team of volunteers at KWIC are always enthusiastic, and respectful during workshops. I really enjoyed the strength based approach KWIC uses to describe youths' place in their community. The youth really appreciated the difference in approach from a traditional classroom. The approach peaked their interest and the students felt comfortable to share. 

I would recommend [their workshops to] anyone working with youth, especially those who are working together to achieve a goal. Student run councils, civics classes, especially could benefit from the leadership-style activities, and community mapping. I would really recommend anyone who works with youth in schools or outside schools to reach out to KWIC, they really worked with us to make sure it was a meaningful experience to our participants!"

Katie McKeiver, Youth Suspension and Expulsion Program - John Howard Society



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