The KWIC Umbrella

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Supporting Small and Emerging Community Projects


KWIC nurtures innovative community projects under our charitable umbrella until they are self-sufficient.

There is someone out there with the next innovative idea and we want to be here for you! 

Connect with us and tell us about it!


KWIC currently supports TRACKS Youth Program, Youth Leadership in Sustainability (YLS), Trent Oxfam and Sustainable Trent and The Cost of Freedom documentary film project with Tamarack Productions. 


Historic Projects nurtured under the KWIC Umbrella include:

Peterborough Green-Up (GreenUP)

The Beijing Project

The Summer Environment Camp

The Food Policy Action Coalition

Kawartha Food Share

SEEDS for Justice: Youth Using Mass Weapon of Compassion, Creativity and Connection for Social and Environmental Justice

Images Film Festival

Seasoned Spoon Root Cellar





Connecting for Change!

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